Brand new trade with EURAUD and AUDJPY


As the tradecopier returns for december zip higher to +28% and overall returns RISE TO +532%, the system is dipping into a very important trend being seen. The EURAUD and AUDJPY trades are starting to show blips on the system as it starts to roll.


The US-CHINA deal for whatever its worth is now coming to a point of being announced. Its going to be a big mover for risk currencies. The system trades the positive carry pairs.

Remember last year we had a big move in AUDUSD and AUDJPY In december and this year too things starting to show promise.

What a December it is proving to be  as returns rise on account of USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY .

The current trades in EURAUD could push the returns even higher. We did promise that system is hyper active during december and its a very profitable month.


Every single month since May launch has averaged returns over +20%.


See below monthly returns

Monthly returns above shown. Dec returns rising well above nov returns. Current month returns stay at +28%. Very profitable system.


The total returns continue the solid rise. December equity return stand at +532% since May launch.

The system is very profitable as you can see the large number of target hits.

Get on the system with these latest trades.

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