QUANTO performance cruises higher +10% in January 2020: Overall pips+22,900 pips


The system has made a cumulative amount of +22900 pips trading since May 2019. Trading has been very good with a 80% win rate as shown below. It has maintained consistent performance all thru.

The total returns since May has just crossed +600%. An amount of 25,000$ for a client would now be above half a million dollars. Max DD has been 38%. High returns is what QUANTO is really known for.

The total returns continue to rise higher.

Trade History

Large number of positive closures on USDCHF has added returns in January.


The EURUSD trade has also added returns to the January performance.


Above the monthly returns show how well the system has performance across months. The January returns now at +10.5%. Last month was at +29%.

Summary returns show over +2550 trades taken and maintained a win rate of 80%. Very good profit factor marking out the system from others.


These are spectacularly good results for any trading system. We have kept a one month trial for clients to run the system on their account no question asked. Disable any time.

To start, please contact us here

Or simply email us partners@quanto.live


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