QUANTO tradecopier January 2020 returns zoom higher to +6%


The system is again pushing higher into the new year with good long USDJPY Trades from 108 and USDCHF longs from 0.9690.

Also in play are EURAUD trades all closing in profit.

A total of 2462 trades taken with a 80% win rate. The profit factor at 2.36x is a very good measure of how profitable the system has been over the last 9 months.


Monthly returns show the powerful returns. The returns at January show the +5.6% returns for current. Last month was +29% return. Regularly makes over +20% return monthly.

Overall returns continue to climb higher and nearing +600% return in last 9 months.


The trade history shows the high number of profitable winners.

Monthly returns rise sharply into 2020.

Get started by funding a Vantagefx broker account and email us at partners@quanto.live


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