QUANTO tradecopier November returns +6% October returns highest on record at +37% Overall +330% in seven months


Home loans rise sharply in Australia. Our investment thesis on AUD has been the gradual improvement in aussie economy. Rising house prices in Sydney will start to percolate into rest of the cities and we see a pickup in sentiment. Data below shows the uptick in homeloans with a rise of +1.1% mom gains far above expectation of +0.3%.

In commodities, GOLD has had a minor correction which is expected after the run up. However unless this closes below 1450, it is too early to call the uptrend to be over.


QUANTO Tradecopier

QUANTO tradecopier is doing brilliantly in November, its seventh month of trading. Helped by a lot of trrades on GBPUSD and AUDUSD. See recent  history of trades...Very profitable across.


November returns shown from myfxbook

The current month is up +6%.

Weekly Returns


The weekly returns has risen above 4% this week. Every single week is positive on a closed basis.

Monthly Returns

The monthly returns show the seventh of trading as returns rise in November sharply to +6%. October returns were +37%, one of the highest on record.

Overall returns now over +330%.. The returns have risen smoothly over the last 7 months. Solid returns coming at a max DD of +35%. Monthly returns are always between 10 and 30% but October was +37%.


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