QUANTO Tradecopier November returns rise to +2.5%; October returns at +30%


The high profitability of QUANTO system continues unabated and steadily higher. The system is equipped with predictive indicators which makes it high performance and separate from any other system.

Returns are shown below.

The current month returns on a client account show +2.44% as seen above.

The daily returns show the high profitability and when needed, stops kick in.

The weekly returns show the high profitability with all weeks since starting at positive returns of over +5.8%.

The seven month profit report by month is shown above. October returns closed at +30% while November is at +2.4%.

Returns continue to rise steadily for the system.

We encourage you to take the one month free trial. You can open your account at our broker Vantagefx and get started: Open Vantage account for QUANTO


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