QUANTO tradecopier performance +11% for October


It does not matter where currencies are going and nor does it matter if UK stays in the EU or not, nor does it matter if there is a trade deal with US-China.

QUANTO tradecopier continues to make merry in October as returns rise sharply yesterday and today.

The total chart results has been same from May 2019 when we first started to report the graph. The same equity curve has been rising steadily since the last 6 months showing how strong the system has been through the last 6 months. Overall returns now above +226%.

The recent history of trades can be seen above. A high degree of winners.

The October month of returns have now risen to +11%.

The stats are shown above. The account continue to display excellent trading capability.

As can be seen the system is doing brilliantly in October as returns continue to pile up. The 11% return is solid for the month of October. The system is not directional so its very stable.

If interested to start the system on your MT4, please reach out to us: Contact Us


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