QUANTO Tradecopier returns for Dec rise to +29%


Tradecopier returns for december rise to +29% as overall returns RISE TO +538%.

The latest returns are on account of EURAUD and AUDCAD hitting targets. Also lots of USDCHF trades.

QUANTO is an extremely profitable system running for over 8 months. FUll long periods of trial is availaable to test out the system.

Trade history

These trades above are recent profitable trades as returns of 1% added yesterday.


Over 2300 trades and running a 80% win rate.

Monthly Return

The monthly return are very good with december returns at +29%.

Cumulative Returns: Over +530% returns

The equity returns have continuously increased.


very profitable as you can see the large number of target hits. Many thousands of trades have been completed since May.

QUANTO system is free for trial. Please contact us to get started: CONTACT US


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