QUANTO tradecopier September returns rise to +24% . August returns were +35%


Even as the currency pairs move from one extreme to another with no clear bias, the QUANTO system is steadily rising in profits.

The september returns now stand at +24%. It has been brilliant trading display once again by the system.

Monthly Returns

September is turning out to be a great month as returns climb higher to +24%. Last month was +35%. Any client who joined us in May will be sitting on a return of over +188%.

Weekly Returns

The weekly returns stand at +1.5% for the current week. Every single week in the last 5 months has been positive returns.

Total Returns

The total returns now stand at +188%. It has been steadily rising equity curve with a a MAX dd under 30%.

This is one of the most profitable systems in the world with performance rising sharply over the last 5 months. In september alone the system has made over +24% returns. The august returns were an all time high at +35%. The system is running since May as shown above.

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