QUANTO Tradecopier starts 2020 with a +3.3% return in January already (2019 performance was +539%)


QUANTO Tradecopier has started 2020 with superb trades on USDCHF. The system is long USDCHF from 0.96500 onwards as shown below. The system is doing great as the new year lows in USDCHF held and automatically the system latched onto the oversold USD.

The system made over +530 % return in 2019. December 2019 made over +29% return on capital. These are intensely high performance.

Latest tradehistory from 2020

High number of USDCHF Trades. As usual very high performance.

See the performance for 2020.


All month performance

The January 2020 month has started trading with a +3.3% returns

Overall returns

Cumulative returns are shown. It is a steady high return system


If you would like to start taking the QUANTO trades on your account, please reach out to us at

We have minimum requirement for a client to started with us.


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