Trade copier returns cross +102%: August returns +17%


We issue our regular trading system performance update. The overall returns continue to rise steadily into August. No hiccups. The total returns again is climbing with returns now at +102.5%. up from 100% last week

.Slow week but still etched out returns. equityreturn

The spread of returns on daily timeframe shows that large number of bars in 1% range which is very healthy for any trading system. Very few times have the system lost more than 4% on a day.


The monthly returns in August shows that August is fast catching up with July massive +31% return. August is at +17%. August has many holidays but the system is still active and making money. monthly


QUANTO trade copier is a unique trading system which operates on market profile, bond spread yields, volume profile and traditional technical indicators along with indepth fundamental insights. We pride in giving unique and unparalleled trading analysis.

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