Trade copier reurns rise to +109%: August returns +21%


QUANTO trade copier is having a great August. The returns have crossed +20% in just August alone. Returns since May is at +109%. The system basically has doubled money in the last four months.

But before we look at the returns, take a look at some charts and market response. Today we had the 2y yielding more than the 10year yield. This has happened before and this is what happened to SPX.

Sure it looks scary, but consider where the red dots START, not end and see there is a further rise to the top before it all goes down

60% of the yield is inverted but SPX has managed to rise in the past.

Crypto has been having bad day.

See the returns below. The trades that made the returns are also mentioned below.

Average returns per week is at +6.3%. Current week has made just over +2% so its been slow week.

The August returns have crossed +20.7%. Its been brilliantly trading.

The month saw many trades. Short USDJPY from 106.8
Long USDCAD at 1.30303 Still running.....
Long USDCAD at 1.3140 Target 1.3240
Short EURUSD at 1.1250 (Still running)
Long EURUSD at 1.1050 Target 1.12 (Hit)

The system is equipped with the internet only predictor indicator so has a good return profile. It is in the trade far before others but it can often lead to some pips going against but the system is very well tuned to be patient and still make money. Most retail manual traders keep tight stops and lose money regularly. QUANTO has a win ratio near +90% so has a high profit factor.

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