Tradecopier August +22.5% Total returns +109%


Its smooth sailing for the quanto trading system as returns continue their upward rise. August returns stand at +22.5%

QUANTO is a combination of 4 systems which derive its signal from bond markets. ABove it shows the breakup of performance by each system separately and all are doing well.

Here is trade history from yesterday

The trade history shows how the system has a slew of profitable returns and yesterday was no different.

The monthly returns are shown above. AUGUST =+22.5%
June = +10%

The total return now stands at +109%. Trading has been difficult in forex but not for QUANTO as performance has been absolutely rock solid into August. Four months of MT4 trading shows the stability of system.

August returns are at +22.5%.

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Trade copier clients get access to unique and highly relevant research on our site. No other signal or EA providers will ever delve into the markets as we do. So while QUANTO is fully automated, our trading team monitors the markets 24/7 and provides key insights.


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