Tradecopier results: September returns climb +8.1% Absolute brilliance


QUANTO has been on a roll as summer got over in Europe and trading volumes returned, The system continues to dominate the markets with a alacrity rarely seen in forex trading world. The system has seen all markets from 2012 and the current one is not new. The system has a high win ratio which allows it to be profitable across markets.

The system is very complex to have endured so many years of profitability.

Cumulative return

The cumulative returns continue to rise in september. The returns currently at +152%. That is an incredible rise in the last 5 months.

Monthly returns

The monthly returns are at +8.1% in september. August returns closed at +35%.

Weekly returns

The week saw a superlative performance. All weeks since starting is positive. No losses on the week.

QUANTO is trading excellence and continues to rise. If you interested, get started and you can start getting results in your account.

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We also run a medium term to long term trade SHEET which has manual trades suggested with stops and targets. They are not same as tradecopier.


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