Tradecopier rises again: August returns cross +15% and its just 6th august


Some Economy charts before jump into performance.

More than +40% of bonds are negative yield outside of US. Huge record and this alone should tell you traditional indicators will not work anymore. This is where QUANTO system is excelling as its based on yields.


The performance continue to rise at a fast clip again. The system uses a predictive yield spread indicator and this continues to make tonnes of pips for us. QUANTO is doing super brilliant.
History of trades recent ones

See the high number of trades at extremes.

This week alone has made +6% in just two days of this week. The average weekly return since inception is over +6%. That is massive compared to what EAs are able to generate.

August returns stand at +15%.

This system will not wait for you. So get started and bank some coins. Its well over 4 months of live account trading. Get started


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