TRADECOPIER Sept returns +4.2% Overall returns +139% : LONG EURUSD at 1.0960 hits targets


QUANTO system returns rise strongly in september. It is only the beginning as the month alreadys adds upto +4.2%. Lots of trade closures on long eurusd. Solid trading and performance. Even as markets fluctuate quite bit with BREXIT uncertainty playing big role, the trade copier continues to rise steadily. The best part of the system is that you do not to guess the direction. You are backing a system which has run from 2012 so sizeable history.

Total Return

The system cum return have touched +142%. Its pure brilliance in a market like this.

Monthly returns

The Monthly returns for September is above 4.2% in the first few days itself. August returns were at +35%. July was +31%. Its been in brilliant form.

DD limited under 35%

The drawdown is well under 35% with trades closing at regular intervals. The win rate is 88% so drawdown will also be low.

Weekly Return

Weekly returns rise in another week. All weeks have been positive.

The tradehistory for this week...

Very profitable. See how it went long EURUSD at 1.0962 and also short at higher levels...Very QUANTO like.

Into the fifth month of operation, the system is doing very well as expected with no hiccups. The system has run on FIXAPI for over 8 years but now is firmly positioned on MT4 as well. Any one who can open a MT4 brokerage account can use the system

The quanto system is highly profitable. Get started now by sending us a mail here: Contact us
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