Tradecopier September returns rip higher to +17% overall returns +175%.


THe FED cut rates by 25 bps but then almost ruled out any more rate cuts for the remaining year. That is a hawkish surprise. They are however data dependent so any poor data will play into their next call.

QUANTO trade copier in sept is already up +17% and continues to rise sharply.

The system is not dependent on fed calls or subjective analysis but its a market neutral statistical system which operates on market profile theory.

Sept returns rise above +17%.

The month return profile show the Sept returns are now at +17%. It has been steady month with constant returns .


The weekly return shows that the current week is at 7.8% return. Not a single week has been negative.


Cumulative Returns

The total returns has sharp spikes and then stability before rising again. The returns are at +175% and continues to rise.



QUANTO system is high profitable and long running trading system for retail clients who are able to open a mt4 brokerage account.


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The trading system will copy the above system trades automatically to your account so no need of managing it manually.

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