Tradecopier September returns stays high near +10% in the ECB week


As EURUSD went up and down over 180 pips both ways, many retail traders were left gasping.
And yet the QUANTO system continues to rise very well even with all the noise and news flows.

The system depends on non-directional methods which have high degree of accuracy of 85%.

Return summary shown below

The total return shows an overall return at +156% since May 2019.

The monthly report shows the Sept return to be in touching distance of +10%. August returns stood at +35% and July was +25%.

The Summary report shows the number of trades taken. The weekly return profile shows the 100% record as all weeks are positive. Does not lose money. On an average it makes over +6% return a week.

If you like to get started with QUANTO system on your account, please get in touch with us: Reach Us


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