QUANTO system will make you reach financial independence and abundandtly prosperous. Give it a few years with a small starting capital. It turned 25k into an eight figure sum in less than 7 years. Join us in the journey to make wealth.

The QUANTO FX Trade Copier is running on a LIVE ACCOUNT and is available to view for all clients of the system. The live can be viewed here: QUANTO LIVE. It requires a PIN which can be had from here contact us.

The system originally worked on FIX channels between 2012 and April 2019. However since May it is offered to retail clients on MT4. To show the old trades from FIX channel, we have run it on the Tick data from dukascopy which is the very best you can do to model old trades. The system is offered free for first 30 days. The result will vary from account to account by a small margin. This is because QUANTO is highy sensitive to spreads and latency and speed of execution. MT4 is notorius for spread widening and latency. But generally over long term, the results will be as good as shown below.

Further analysis of all trade can be seen here: Strategy Report from myfxbook

Live myfxbook account of the master account is available to track trades. All clients get access to it.

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