Overall Strategy Report

Forex can make you very rich. Very rich. If you think we are bluffing, we have no time for you, QUANTO is not for you. But if not, and you would like to see it work on a trial basis, then please read on. It is making returns in the range of +10% to +35% every month.

So cut to the chase, lets get on with it. You need barely any capital to start with . The QUANTO system converted a 25k account into over 10 mil in a FIX channel account. It is now doing that for our clients from May. It started with a bang making over 22% in May alone. Rest is history being made month by month.

So here is a bit of information without going into too muuch detail. If you would rather not waste too much time and started taking the trades, then send us your form here: Reach us Now for those who want to see what is under the hood...here it goes.

Bond Market System The QUANTO system is a unique and highly innovative system using Market Structure, Market Profile, Bond Market, Volumetrics and SWING trading methods. This is the ONLY TRADING SYSTEM available which extracts information from bond market to trade forex.

Bond Market When the yield of a country goes higher, all things equal, generally money will flow to that currency with a lag of about 3 weeks. If the Australian bond yield (either 2 or 10 Y) starts to rise compared to the US counterpart, then AUDUSD will be a preferred currency to rise after a lag of about 3 weeks. So assume in week 1 the yield spread stands at 0.4 bps in favour of AUDUSD. If this spread rises to 0.5 bps then expect AUDUSD to push higher in medium term. Therefore the QUANTO system will start buying at every oversold opportunity on the 1 hour time frame. However this will not work with EURUSD or GBPUSD because of EUR reserve nature and hence country stock pile EUR to offset USD dependence. So the QUANTO system is intelligently looking for such variation in yield spreads globally and expect money to flow to higher yield if the risk premia of both the countries are stable. You can read further on the various methods used: QUANTO Strategy

The QUANTO system is operational on EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD,USD/CAD,EUR/GBP. When trading is combined across all pairs as shown below, the system shows a CAGR of +140% returns every year since 2012. This means an account of $10,000 would have ended up at $25,000 every single year thus effectively making clients millionaires in a short period of time.



The quanto system power can be seen on GBPUSD pair. See the incredibly powerful rise in GBPUSD returns. Its well suited for GBPUSD which has a wider ATR range but market profile theory works on gbpusd.


See how all those years have seen massive returns of over +200% almost every year.

A overall Sharpe ratio of 0.21 is absolutely top notch as forex system generally have it near 0.1. The profit factor is 3.81x and the system generates a CAGR of 200% which is brilliant.

The DD has been under 35%. The system is making over +140% return every year. The DD of 30% was seen last in 2012. For 99% of other days, the system has really no major hiccups as shown below.


As can be observed, the performance of this system is top notch. These results are incredibly high quality.

As can be seen above, there is no forex system that comes close in terms of raw profitability. Neither stocks nor metals can boast of such returns. The system trades actively on market profile structure which marks its secret to success. 

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