Power of compounding (10x) to see wealth creation

Compounding is a powerful principle in wealth creation. It has ability to multiple returns by 10x multiple than normal simple returns. Traders often mistake its usefulness. Every wealthy man who has made his wealth from the markets have made it via the principle of compounding applied on the basic returns from the markets.

Albert Einstein once noted that the most powerful force in the universe was the principle of compounding.


at its best can be seen on how QUANTO made its return in 2012.

EURUSD compounding returns

Trade copier monthly returns can be found here: Historical

Now assume you start with a capital of USD 25,000 in the QUANTO trade copier in 2019.

The system is making conservatively about 100% return every year and that is a real conservative measure as past trading shows more than 200% return annually. we notice the growth of the account yearly.

  • 2020 = Account ends up at USD 50,000  at 100% return
  • 2021 = Account ends up at USD 100,000  at 100% return
  • 2022 = Account ends up at USD 200,000  at 100% return
  • 2023 = Account ends up at USD 400,000  at 100% return
  • 2024 = Account ends up at USD 800,000  at 100% return
  • 2025 = Account ends up at USD 1,600,000  at 100% return

At +150% return annually which is still less than what the system is making between 2012 and 2019, the returns look like below.

  • 2020 = Account ends up at USD 62,500  at 150% return
  • 2021 = Account ends up at USD 156,250  at 150% return
  • 2022 = Account ends up at USD 390,625  at 150% return
  • 2023 = Account ends up at USD 976,562  at 150% return
  • 2024 = Account ends up at USD 2,441,405  at 150% return
  • 2025 = Account ends up at USD 6,103,508  at 150% return

QUANTO trade copier is a powerful trading system. The system makes humongous returns with some months making over 30%.

The system power lies in its ability to make return on returns. Secondly the system is armed with a predictive indicator from bond market which explains these returns. They cannot be achieved by GRID system or normal technical indicators. Tech indicators generally have a win rate of 55% and when added with traders ability to read the markets, it can go up to 70% but predictive indicators over and above technical indicators is what makes the consistent wealth and sets apart QUANTO.

QUANTO is a FIX system so some level of tolerance of returns is expected on the MT4 because of its latency and delay etc. So in above example we have taken the lower returns of +100% and +150% as our expected scenario. There is no scenario in which QUANTO can lose money unless the client personally intervenes and adds his own trades or fiddles with the system trades in any way.

This is the system for the long term and stay invested and it will make you huge wealth. You may wonder what is our incentive in providing this. Well it should be clear by now:Our incentive is also to make wealth via profit share and hence our interests are aligned.

So start with a small capital of $25k and stay invested for 3 to 5 years for a multiple of the capital.


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