Predictive Indicators

Predictive Indicators

QUANTO uses a very advanced form of predictive indicators which offer our trading system a window into potential future direction of key trading pairs. The indicators are available for


These indicators form the very core of QUANTO trading system for USD/JPY,USD/CAD.AUD/USD,CAD/JPY,AUD/JPY. They contribute ot the hyper win ratio and high profit factor of the system.

Why do these indicators work while others are a scam ?
These indicators are long well know among forex traders on prop floors and trading desks at pro trading firms. However they were never available to Internet traders because of their complexity. These indicators need not just good coding skills but also ability to interpret the signals. The indicators offer a substantial lead to actual forex movements. This works very well for us because we re happy to wait for forex price to start following predictive direction so that we can get the trades at a cheap price.

What are the ingredients to this indicators?
Primarily it supports itself on yield spread between both the pairs being traded. They have a direct relationship with commodity currencies because they are used for borrowing to trade in commodities. These currencies are mostly outside of reserve status except yen but even there it is a small proportion of reserves.

Secondly the system also uses inter-market prices from equity and commodity prices to firm up the predictive scores.

Is this available to subscribe?
Not yet. However it forms part of the QUANTO trading system which is offered as a trade copier and has been doing very well.

You can take advantage of the system by connecting your MT4 account to QUANTO here: