Story of a Trader: Man who made $1.5 million from $25,000

A trader named Michael Walters in 2011 deposited $25000 in a leading bank trading desk on the FIX API channels. He withdrew $1.5 million in 2014 using the QUANTO system. He traded using a complex strategy using Market Profile Theory and traditional indicators Bollinger Bands and Kletner Channels. He found something unique and happening 95% of times. He saw prices bouncing of the channels in value area of market profile theory. Today the same system is offered on MT4 and thus allowing retail clients to enjoy the same profitability. The QUANTO system profitability ran on a 99.99% tick data is made available in Overall Strategy. Here is the returns it has made on EURUSD

The QUANTO on the EURUSD snapshot is provided. It trades on GBPUSD and USDJPY as well. They when combined with above results provide even higher returns while limiting the downside. It was originally traded on direct market access so we have regenerated the trades using 99.99% tick data for verification.
While Michael has become part of folklore as only 1% of traders really make it rich. Rest just putter around trying to find intra day direction and get euphoric if they make about 50 pips. The QUANTO system is the original system which is using market profiling and multiple kletner channels. It was started in may and is doing as expected. It makes over 10% every month. If you would like to start right away, please contact us. Start with a good amount so you can make a few millions for the effort. We will setup the system on your account absolutely free and once satisfied, you can let us know. Remember large pro clients have used this system and made large profits. It is near impossible to lose money with this system. Given its high profitability, we have decided to keep much of the system working hidden. Only clients will get to know how it works.

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